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Class Suspension Until Further Notice

Class Suspension Until Further Notice
Dear Parents,
In view of the latest development of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, the Education Bureau announced on 21 March 2020 that class resumption on 20 April will be suspended until further notice.
The School strongly requests all students to stay at home during the class suspension period. They should keep a close watch of their health condition and consult a doctor at once if feeling unwell, including respiratory symptoms, fever, shortness of breath and diarrhoea.
During this period, students are reminded to continue their studies at home. Our teachers will keep conducting live interactive lessons as well as sending study notes and assignments to students. All students are advised to do revision, attend live lessons and submit assignments to teachers as scheduled.
In these difficult times, our teachers will continue to maintain professionalism and provide students with online learning. It is hoped that together with the encouragement and support from parents, students will be able to get the best benefits. Meanwhile, please check the school website, eClass and eApp regularly for any updates and announcements from the school.