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Focus Band – Great Performance at TSK

Focus Band, a group of band music lovers with intellectual disabilities supported by Hong Chi Association, came to TSK to share their music and beliefs with our students on Friday afternoon of the 25th October, 2019.  Hong Chi Association is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong dedicated to serving over 7,000 people of all ages and all grades of intellectual disabilities. 
In a one-hour performance, the members of Focus Band played nice band music and sang a lot of encouraging Chinese songs from different periods and styles.  They showed their enthusiasm, passion, effort and talent for singing, music and performance.  Focus Band got our students to sing together, make rhythm and harmonize.  Our students indulged themselves in every song and they sometimes waved their hands freely and happily.  We were inspired by their music, their journey of learning music and the most important message – There is no difference between people and those with intellectual disabilities.  Everyone can achieve their best and make their dreams come true when they are willing to put effort in and live positively. 
The climax of the performance was when our student representatives and two teachers, Mr. Suen and Mr. Hui, were invited to join in on the performance with Focus Band on the stage.  Everyone in the hall burst into song excitedly.   It was really fun!
In the end, the last song was “Never let go” (陪著你走) sung by Focus Band.  After this, the concert organized by TSK Music Department and Hong Chi Association came to an end on a joyous note.