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Good Conduct System

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Self-improvement Scheme

     The scheme aims at providing a chance for students to correct and improve themselves.

1. Time

When warning letters and letters for detention or minor demerits, black marks are issued, the students concerned will be given a chance to join the scheme. Students have to take the initiative to join the scheme though form teachers will encourage them. The deadline for submitting the application forms to form teachers is 5 school days after students have received the letters.


2. Scope and span

The students will be required to sign the reply slip promising to keep perfect discipline (i.e. observing all school rules and receiving no penalty points at all) within a period covering 5 school days.


3. Reward

If the students can fulfil their promises, 2 penalty points will be cancelled and their punishment will be suspended.


4. Continuity

If the students are successful in keeping good discipline and cancelling penalty points, they will be allowed to continue with the scheme.


5. Chances

Students will be given one chance only at each stage of punishment.


6. Buddy System (for F.1 to F.4 students)

When students join the Self-improvement Scheme after receiving the 1st warning letter or more serious discipline letters under the Good Conduct System, they can apply for a buddy on voluntary basis to help and remind them to improve their conduct. Form teachers will then pair them up with buddies who are willing to help them in that period. Outstanding buddies will be awarded.

At the end of each term, certificates will be given to outstanding buddies nominated by their form teachers.


7. Conduct grades

When form teachers award conduct grades (to be printed on report cards), the final penalty points (i.e. after cancellation) will be used for reference.


8. The scheme will be suspended during examinations.