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Good Conduct System

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1. Penalty points are allocated according to the type of misbehaviour.
2. Penalty points are to be given to students who misbehave.
3. There is an individual record for each student in the eClass Discipline System.
When a student misbehaves, the teacher will
      (i)correct the student by giving counselling and/or punishment
      (ii)enter the information concerning the misbehaviour and the penalty points in the individual     
          record for that student on eClass.
     (iii)Form teachers study the eClass discipline record at least once a week.
4. Action will be taken against students whose penalty points reach certain levels. They will receive warning letters, school detention, minor demerits and the serious warning letter. When a student receives the serious warning letter, he/she will be treated as a special case to be jointly handled by the form teacher, discipline and counselling teachers, and even social workers and the educational psychologist whenever necessary. If the student does not show improvement in his/her conduct, black marks will be given.