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School Objectives

School Objective
'55 Years - Tradition, Self-reliance, Knowledge' is our annual school goal as TSK proceeds to its 55th anniversary. While TSK continues to attach great importance to the all-round development of students, our next step forward is to create self-reliant learners. We work to inspire students to be upright and diligent leaners who always seek for improvements while carrying on the essence of our tradition into a promising future.
School Objective

The school objective this year is “Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Dream”. Students are encouraged to give their best in every commitment. They can live a meaningful life to the full if they make every endeavour to pursue their dreams with enthusiasm and passion.
學校本年度的學年主題是「燃點熱誠 築夢成真」,旨在鼓勵學生明白凡事要盡其在我,並且抱著一腔熱誠,傾注熱情,付諸實行,努力追求及積極達成夢想,使生命更有意義、更為豐盛。
School Objective
The school objective this year ‘Success Arises from Commitment, Perseverance and You’, aims to encourage students to set their hearts on their goals, so that they will find their own intrinsic motivation to achieve them.  It is hoped that with lasting commitment and perseverance, they can overcome any obstacles.  For them, it is important to come to the realisation that they are the keeper of their own destiny and their future is in their own hands.